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  • For engineers and scientists in the fields of: coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering; oceanography; and geology
  • A comprehensive collection of coastal engineering design and analysis software developed by or for the Waterways Experiment Station
  • Contents range from the simplified techniques of the ACES, to more sophisticated models for multi-dimensional hydrodynamics, wave propagation, nearshore hydrodynamics and beach processes, and inlet technology
  • Pre- and post-processing routines, multi-dimensional graphical tools for results visualization and animation, grid generation, and access to extensive wave / wind / bathymetric data resources
  • Easy to use Windows interface and graphics within a visual development environment
  • Integrated Windows, tools, menus, toolbars, and directories
  • Buy the full system or only the models /modules you need
  • Companion manuals and reports also available on CD-ROM
  • Exceptional technical support

Fully Integrated Toolbox for Coastal/Ocean/Hydraulic Engineers and Scientists

CEDAS is an interactive, Windows-based design and analysis system for engineers and scientists working in the fields of coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering and oceanography. CEDAS is a comprehensive collection of coastal engineering design and analysis software, developed by or for the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station. Its contents range from the simple technologies of the popular ACES package, to sophisticated models for multi-dimensional hydrodynamics, wave propagation, nearshore hydrodynamics and beach processes, inlet technology, and harbor oscillation. The powerful tools in this package are complemented by pre- and post-processing routines, multi-dimensional graphical tools for results visualization and animation, grid generation software, and access to extensive wave/wind/bathymetric data resources.


Modular Organization


CEDAS 4.03 includes the following modules:

  • General Engineering Module

    • ACES – system of 34 routines
    • EST – life-cycle risk analysis
    • RELIABLE – reliability-based structure design

  • Inlet Processes Module

    • DYNLET – powerful 1D hydrodynamic model
    • NMLong-CW – simulates long-shore current & transport rate

  • Beach Processes Module

    • NEMOS – simulates nearshore beach evolution
    • SBEACH – simulates cross-shore beach / dune erosion
    • RMAP – shoreline and profile morphology analysis tools
    • BMAP – beach morphology analysis tools

User Environment


CEDAS uses the popular visual development environment employed by mainline products of Microsoft. CEDAS user interface consists of an integrated set of windows, tools, menus, toolbars, and directories that allow the user to create, test, analyze, and refine the application in one place. The interface uses two major windows for workspaces that are fully adjustable. The left window tracks files associated with an application session. This window contains multiple tabbed pages organized by functionality. Each page contains a data tree allowing the user to organize data based on user-defined groups. The right window is the application workspace where data input files are developed, data resources are queried for import, grids are generated, results displayed and plotted, and decisions are made for saving and/or printing.


CEDAS Security Options


Option 1

CEDAS is shipped with software security protection designed for installation on a single PC. After installation is completed, the first attempt to access the software will result in your PC producing a Unique ID. Call or email Veri-Tech, Inc. your Serial Number and Unique ID for an appropriate unique Unlock Number. Software security is provided at no additional cost.

Option 2

CEDAS may be secured using a Rainbow Sentinel hardware key. This device, called a dongle, must be plugged into a computer where the software is being used. The Sentinel Software is installed during the CEDAS installation process. The Sentinel device tracks the number of simultaneous users of CEDAS. If the number of users exceed the total number of licenses purchased, a message will be given to "extra" users that they must wait for access. CEDAS must be installed on every "client" machine that will potentially use these products.

Dongles are available for USB ports only. Greatest flexibility is achieved by purchasing separate single-user keys in place of a multiple-user key. For example, assume you have 3 user licenses and 3 single-user keys. If a colleague is on travel, they can take one of the keys with them, leaving 2 keys for use on the company network. This permits the traveler to use the product in the field without having to call back and connect to the company network for permission to use the software.

We can customize CEDAS software to permit simultaneous use of different models within the complete package.

Click here for a picture of the CEDAS installation screen.

Contact us for details.


System Requirements



Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7. VISTA has proven to be a problem.  CEDAS will work under VISTA if you emulate XP.  If you are using the hardware-secured version, contact us for a replacement file for the security software.