Installation of CEDAS / CEM Demos

Insert the Demo CD into the drive; the installation package will load if Auto Insert Notification is enabled. If AutoRun does not launch, select Run from the Start Menu, and type in X:\Setup.exe where ‘X’ is the letter assigned to the CD ROM drive in your system. The following screen should appear:



Important:  CEDAS only runs on Windows 95, 98, NT (4.0 or better with SP 5 or better), 2000, XP and Windows 7 & 10. The CEM requires that Microsoft Internet Explorer be installed on your computer; you do not have to use IE for your personal browser.

Installation of CEDAS and CEM:

Clicking Install CEDAS brings up the CEDAS Install Wizard. Simply follow the instructions, entering your name and company as requested. The software will be installed in a default folder on your PC. You may save a “Run Icon” on your desktop after installation.

When CEDAS has finished installing, close out the CEDAS Install Wizard and find the original install screen shown above. Now click Install CEM to bring up the CEM Install Wizard and follow the instructions. Close out all windows after installation of CEM and Restart your computer.

Read Me:

This demonstration version of CEDAS has several limitations, but most of the features in each model in the system can be demonstrated. The purpose of the DEMO is to give you information on the content and the touch/feel of the software. Key limitations are:

  • ACES – only Functional Areas for Wave Theory and Harbor Design are active and all Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.
  • EST – Import and Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive. You can run and modify the examples.
  • RELIABLE – only two equations are active and all Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.
  • DYNLET – Import and Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.
  • NMLong-CW – Import and Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.
  • NEMOS – Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive. You have the ability to import bathymetry files and build model grids but the results cannot be used or saved. The procedure for building grids in NEMOS is the same one used in DYNLET to build a background grid used to interpolate depths for a 1D nodal / cross section network.
  • SBEACH – Import and Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.
  • BMAP – Import and Save/Export/Print buttons are inactive.

All of the models in this DEMO version contain one or more examples that can be modified and run. Included with the DEMO is a general tutorial that describes how each model is used within a complete version of the system.

This demonstration version has all the attributes of CEM-PE, except most of the pages in the manual are inactive. The symbol indicates an active page. You will be able to navigate / search the manual, save notes, change fonts / colors, and run equations and example problems that are contained in the active pages and save any results. The Content Tab contains a listing of all chapters and sections of the entire CEM. The purpose of the DEMO is to give you information on the content and the touch/feel of the software. The active pages in this DEMO are as follows:

CEM Introduction
How to Use the CEM
Part I – all
Part II – Chapter 7 – sections 1, 2, 3, 8 – 10
Part III – Chapter 2 – sections 2-3, 2-3a, 2-3b, 5, 6, 7
Part IV – Chapter 2 – sections 1 through 4, 14, 15
Part V – Chapter 3 – sections 3-1, 3-2, 3-7 – 3-9
Part VI – Chapter 5 – sections 5-2-b, 5-2-b-1, 5-2-b-2, 5-5 through 5-5-b-12, 9 – 11
Glossary – all

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of CEM-PE, you can do so on our secure web site at using a credit card. Or you can mail or email an order – we accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards as well as checks drawn on an American Bank or wire transfer in U.S. dollars.

We also produce a Standard Version called CEM-SE that does not have active codes. Otherwise it is the same as the Professional Edition except that its cost is substantially less.

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