Help installing CEDAS – software secured

cedasinstallInsert the CEDAS CD into the drive; the installation package will load if Auto Insert Notification is enabled. If AutoRun does not launch, select Run from the Start Menu, and type in X:\Setup.exe where ‘X’ is the letter assigned to the CD ROM drive in your system. The following screen should appear:

Important: CEDAS only runs on Windows 95, 98, NT (4.0 or better with SP 5 or better), 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 10. Default setting in the installation package forces the system to be installed in a folder named “CEDAS40”. You may place this folder anywhere on your system. Default location is: C:\Program Files\Veri-Tech\CEDAS40. Win 7 and 10 users see note at the end of this memo.

Software Key Installation:


Clicking Install CEDAS brings up the Select Components dialog screen. Choose the appropriate software-protected installation (or the DEMO with limited functionality-promotional version).

The first execution of CEDAS will bring up a Dialog Box providing a Unique ID and asking you to enter an Unlock Number to activate the software.

Please E-Mail for the quickest response and provide us with your serial number and Unique ID. We will reply with the required Unlock Number. This procedure can also be handled by telephone at (682) 213-2378. Promotional version does not require an Unlock Number.

CEDAS will allow multiple users on the same computer to use the software. The installer must have administrative privileges. In order for non-administrators to use the software, a user with administrative privileges must install the software and run CEDAS for the first time in order to unlock the program. Once the program is unlocked, any user on that machine may execute CEDAS.

Memorandum to all MS Vista and Windows 7 & 10 Users:

HELP files for CEDAS and CEM

WinHlp32Microsoft no longer supports WinHlp32.exe in the newer operating systems. To be able to view HELP files on your computer you must go to to first validate your system and then download and install the necessary file to enable reading the *.HLP files that come with CEDAS and CEM. See the below JPEG for MS site information. Customers found there are two possible files to download. They could not determine which file to use – they initially picked the wrong file and our PC indicated it was incompatible. They downloaded the second file and successfully installed it. Help files in both CEDAS and CEM worked as expected. Call (682) 213-2378 if you need help.

In Vista and Win 7 or 10 we suggest you adjust the compatibility for running CEDAS or CEM in XP mode. Right-click the desktop icon for CEDAS or CEM, select Properties and the Compatibility tab to set the mode.