CEDAS is an interactive, Windows-based design and analysis system for engineers and scientists working in the fields of coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering and oceanography.

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The CEM is the modern replacement of the Shore Protection Manual, the basis for coastal engineering practices in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and most standard engineering projects throughout the world.

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About Veritech

Veritech Enterprises, LLC (VTE) was formed in 2008 and has taken over the product line and supp ...


Self-Guided training is available to users by means of reviewing various tutorials, help files, manuals, ...


CEM-PE and CEDAS The Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM-PE), and the Coastal Engineering and Design and ...


Patches, updates, tutorials, demos, and reference material available for download.

Veritech Enterprises, LLC

VTE is the primary distributor of software, support, and consulting services for using modeling tools in the Coastal Engineering Design and Analysis System (CEDAS) and the Professional Edition of the Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM 2.01 PE).



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