The Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM-PE), and the Coastal Engineering and Design and Analysis System (CEDAS), are completed and available for purchase as part of Veritech’s Educational Package.  They are being used in the United States and elsewhere for academic research and teaching purposes.

The University Department or Professor may purchase the software package for the CEM-PE and/or complete CEDAS at a 25% discount and provide their current students a one-year student paid license at a cost of $85 each — much less than almost all technical textbooks.  The student’s software becomes inoperative at the end of one year, but the license can be renewed if the student is continuing coastal related studies at the University. Some University Departments have charged a “course fee” similar to a “laboratory fee” to cover the initial software cost over period of time.  We will work with you so you can provide the products to your students.  Many universities worldwide are using the CEM-PE and/or CEDAS either in the undergraduate or graduate classroom, or to assist in the conduct of academic research, or for the conduct of commercial studies.

 Educational Use Agreement

An Educational Use Agreement must be signed to obtain an academic discount.  This agreement can be obtained by contacting us directly.

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