Self-Guided training is available to users by means of reviewing various tutorials, help files, manuals, technical reports, and example files.

Many documents are provided and contained within the folders of the CEDAS installation package.  Please navigate through these folders to review this documentation.  Additional downloaded material can be found by following these links:


Technical Reports

In addition, many of the CEDAS modules have example files that can be accessed from within the modules themselves.  These files are located in their respective installed Program File folders (i.e.  C:Program Files(x86)/Veri-Tech/CEDAS40).

If you do not have any previous experience working with the CEDAS, it is strongly recommended that you use the provided learning and reference material to gain a good working knowledge and understanding of CEDAS, prior to starting an actual project.

If you have any questions, or need help locating any of this information, please contact us directly by email, [email protected], by phone at (682)-213-2378, or by using our Contact Form  CONTACT VTE .

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