IMPORTANT NOTES – Please read before submitting order:


Shipping Details

If your order includes any Hardware Keys, the appropriate Shipping Option shown below, based on your particular shipping requirements, must be added to your shopping cart before we can process your order.  For these cases, if shipping is omitted, you will be required to submit a subsequent order to capture the shipping charges.

If your order does not include any Hardware Keys, Shipping Options do not apply to your order.


Sales Tax Details

Depending on your order details, Sales Tax may be required to be added to your final Invoice.  Most orders do not require Sales Tax, however once we receive your order, you will be asked to supply your contact address, and a shipping address, if applicable, for Invoice processing.  If your locations require you to include Sales Tax, we will contact you to process a subsequent order, in order to capture the Sales Tax charges.


Domestic Shipping within the US

This shipping option is for orders to be shipped within the U.S.


International Shipping outside the US

This shipping option is for orders to be shipped to countries outside of the U.S.