CEDAS is an interactive, Windows-based design and analysis system for engineers and scientists working in the fields of coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering and oceanography.


For engineers and scientists in the fields of: coastal, ocean, and hydraulic engineering; oceanography; and geology A comprehensive collection of coastal en ...

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Modular Organization

CEDAS includes the following modules: General Engineering Module ACES – system of 34 routines EST – life-cycle risk analysis RELIABLE – reliability-based structure design ...

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User Environment

CEDAS uses the popular visual development environment employed by mainline products of Microsoft. CEDAS user interface consists of an integrated ...

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CEDAS Security Options

Software Secure Licenses All CEDAS licenses come standard with the Software Secure version, at no additional cost.  The Software Secure versi ...

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System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT(4.0 or later)/2000/XP/Vista/7.0/8.1/10

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CEDAS Details

CEDAS - Coastal Engineering Design and Analysis System General Engineering Module includes: ACES (Automated Coastal Engineering System) is itself an ...

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