CEDAS Security Options


Software Secure Licenses

All CEDAS licenses come standard with the Software Secure version, at no additional cost.  The Software Secure version can only be installed on one computer at a time.  After the initial software installation, when CEDAS is opened for the first time, the program will initiate a one time Product Registration and unlock process.  Once Veritech is notified with the registration details (by email), you will be provided an Unlock Key that will complete the Product Registration process, and allow user access to the CEDAS program.


Hardware Secure Licenses    

The Hardware Secure version of CEDAS licenses may be purchased as an option.  This version utilizes a USB key (dongle), programmed by Veritech, to allow user access to the CEDAS program. The Hardware Secure version allows the user to install the software on multiple computers, such as a desktop, laptop and field computer.  The USB key must be inserted in the computer operating the license, but this gives the user flexibility to use the software across several different computers.  All Hardware Secure CEDAS license/USB key combos are single user licenses.

However, even though only one user can operate a single CEDAS license at any given time, the USB key can also be installed on a central device (such as a server, or dedicated computer work station) and act as a floating license on a network environment.

These user flexibilities may be worth the additional cost for the Hardware Secure license version, depending on your application needs.

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