CEM Security Options

Option 1

CEM can be shipped with software security protection designed for installation on a single PC. After installation is completed, the first attempt to access the software will result in your PC producing a Unique ID. Call in or email Veri-Tech, Inc. your Serial Number and Unique ID for an appropriate unique Unlock Number. Software security is provided at no additional cost.

Option 2       

CEM may be secured using a Sentinel hardware key. This device, called a dongle, must be plugged into the computer where the software is being used OR on another device connected to the same network as the using computer (i.e. a server, or another connected computer). The Sentinel Software is installed during the CEM installation process. Multi-licensed keys are no different than a single license key other than the number of licenses programmed on that key. The Sentinel device tracks the number of simultaneous users of CEM. If the number of users exceed the total number of licenses purchased, a message will be given to “extra” users that they must wait for access. CEM must be installed on every “client” machine that will potentially use these products.

All dongles utilize a USB interface.  Greatest flexibility is achieved by purchasing separate single-user keys in place of a multiple-user key.  For example, assume you have 3 user licenses and 3 single-user keys.  If a colleague is on travel, they can take one of the keys with them, leaving 2 keys for use on the company network.  This permits the traveler to use the product in the field without having to call back and connect to the company network for permission to use the software.  Purchase of a 3-user key requires all users to be connected to the company network to obtain access to the software.

We can also work with you to design a hardware security procedure that will work in your environment.  Contact us for details.

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