CEDAS Updates

ACES Replacement File – Software Secured 2 MB (12/01/2011)  Download

ACES Replacement File – Hardware Key Secured 2MB (12/01/2011) Download

When you download the ACES.exe file, replace your existing file stored in (default):

C:/Program Files/Veri-Tech/CEDAS40/ACES

CEDAS Patch 12MB (09/27/2006)  Download

Official Patch release for all current CEDAS users.

This maintenance release is cumulative and contains updates for:

  • NEMOS –
    • Changes to WSAV – now checks for user error in setting angle bands
    • Change to WMV to correct visualization problems and station plotting
    • Correct wind direction problem in WMV
    • Structure editing capabilities added to GENESIS
    • Update accuracy of Parameter A computation in GENESIS
    • Corrections to GRIDGEN
    • Ability to used English units with STWAVE
    • Added help files to NEMOS codes
  • SBEACH & RMAP – correct communication between models
  • EST – correction of bug limiting number of events processed
  • CEDAS – correction to Control Center
  • RMAP – correction to data correlation problems
  • ACES – correction to wind adjustment code

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