CEM-PE Updates

CEM-PE Version 2.02 is the current full package installation version available.

The CEM-PE Version 2.03 Patch provides various fixes and updates to Version 2.02, including:

  •      – Various typos.
  •      – Various text content errors.
  •      – Fixes non-responsive ACES Help file buttons.
  •      – Incorporates several updates made to the Shore Protection Manual that were published after the release of CEM-PE 2.02.


Please select the download file that corresponds to your CEM-PE license security type.  If you are unsure of your license security type, please contact us with your CEM-PE Serial Number, and we can determine which CEM-PE 2.03 Patch file to use.


Hardware Secured – Use this download file if you use a USB hardware key (dongle) with your CEM-PE license.

Software Secured – Use this download file if your license operates without the USB hardware key.


Each download file contains the respective CEM-PE Version 2.03 Patch, and a set of step-by-step instructions.


CEM-PE Version 2.03 Patch – Hardware Secured  Download

Zipped Files – 9.2 MB

Unzipped Files – 9.3 MB


CEM-PE Version 2.03 Patch – Software Secured  Download

Zipped Files – 8.2 MB

Unzipped Files – 8.4 MB

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